Ribs - Our Specialty! Award winning and our most requested item. Apple and hickory smoked baby back ribs. We've won a LOT of awards that we are extremely proud of with these ribs.

Pulled Pork - 12 hour slow smoked pork shoulder. Hand pulled, juicy and delicious! Great for sandwiches.

Iowa Chops - 1 1/2" thick cut, brown sugar cured, smoked perfectly over apple and hickory and glazed with It's Just Sauce just before serving. Perfection that you can just about cut with fork.

Flippen' Chicken - A perfect chicken breast...that isn't. It's a deboned chicken thigh seasoned lightly and grill smoked. Juicy, Juicy and did we say juicy! A combination of 3 spice blends marinated for 48 hours, seared over charcoal and apple wood on a stainless steel Flippin' grate. We usually serve on a bakery bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a homemade chipotle mayo however it is delicious as a main course meat as well.

½ Smoked Chicken - Brined for 2 days with our special seasoning and slow smoked to tender juiciness. These are the best smoked chicken you’ve ever tasted.

Brisket – 12-16 hour slow smoked over white oak to a tenderness and flavor that is out of this world. Our special homemade rub enhances the taste perfectly. Melt in your mouth!

Prime Rib – If you haven’t had smoked prime rib then you haven’t had prime rib! We use a proprietary blend of spices for our rub and slow smoke this delicious meat to tender, juicy perfection.

Fajita dinner served with rice and beans.

Sides Available

Creamy Party Potatoes
Baked Potatoes
Hearty Smoker Beans
Green beans w/Onions & Mushrooms or almonds
Mexi-Corn Casserole
Whole kernel Corn
Cole Slaw
Oriental Salad (mix of hearty lettuce w/homemade dressing)
Bakery Dinner Roll
Bakery Sandwich Roll

Choose 1, 2 or 3 Meats
And up to 3 sides.
All prices are dependent upon choices.
We are willing to take suggestions and ideas!!!